Warren Lewis, Writer, Producer

Warren has dynamic guest pool to tap of celebrated writers, cinematographers, producers and directors!

Warren Lewis is a screenwriter and producer with over 25 years in the film, television and commercial industries. His credits as a screenwriter include the hit films Black Rain for Paramount Pictures, and the 13th Warrior for Disney Touch Stone, and he has contributed to many other productions as a writer and producer, including ongoing projects at Warner Brothers, Sony, Fox, Universal and the major independents. As an Assistant Director he has run the sets of high and shoestring productions, managing budgets, personnel and multimillion-dollar equipment. Warren cut his teeth in production working on commercials for major agencies in New York before dedicating himself to the film industry in CA, where he continues to create content with various films in active development. Warren holds and Master of Fine Arts and is an instructor in beginning and advanced screenwriting, adaptation for screenwriters, and genre studies, at California State University at Fullerton.  He has generously supported and been the lead Instructor in the “Catching & Pitching” module for ASU Film Spark’s Film & TV Career Boot Camp.