Festival Run

Festival Run is designed to educated and encourage ASU film students to submit their short films to festivals and to increase the number of festival acceptances and awards for films made at ASU.

To this end,  once a semester in tandem with the Senior Festival Showcase, Film Spark works to connect industry professionals with ASU film sudents in order to help them learn how to best take advantage of the opportunities film festivals create for their work.

In our last Festival Run event, former Film Independent Senior Programmer of the Los Angeles Film Festival, Maggie Mackay, screened all Senior Showcase films prior to coming to campus for 2 full days of activities with students, which included:

  • A ¬†90-minute workshop providing an overview of the festival world, including why festivals are important, how students can professionally leverage themselves, what to expect, and what resources are available to them. (A Q & A with free pizza was provided to participants afterward.)
  • Attendance at our Senior Film Showcase and introductory remarks.
  • Individualized 45-minute festival consultations with students participating in the Senior Showcase.
  • Written recommendations, specific to each student and their films; and, when appropriate, introductions between students and film festival programmers as well as other professionals.